About us

Josh Tam's Story

On Boxing Day 2018 my husband and I left for our annual Christmas holiday at the beach. I kissed my beautiful son goodbye as usual much to his disgust and said "drive safe to the festival, it's a long drive". He smirked and said "you know mum, boys and long drives" in his dark humour kind of way. That's something we had in common. That's all I was worried about. We had plenty of conversation about drugs and alcohol, we hardly needed another.  

Saturday 29th December at 11:37pm I woke to a call no parent should have to receive. Who? Our son? Surely not? 

Our lives have changed forever. 

Once the fog of this moment lifted briefly we as a family and a community knew we had to do something. Something to help minimise the tragedy that became clear was happening all too often. This is how Just Mossin Inc came to be. As a legacy for the son we lost and for hope for the many who will potentially put their lives at risk doing exactly what he did that fateful day. 

Our Mission Statement

Let's talk about it... It's time for a change! We at JUST MOSSIN INC believe that opening up channels of communication through education and increased safety measures will bring about more  informed decision making in our youth. We want Joshua's legacy to assist us in making positive change - "One simple conversation may save the lives of many."

Our Goals

  • Help establish improved safety measures, and positive party habits for young people and the community at large.
  • Design and implement smart personal safety devices (PSD's) for revellers at festivals and events.
  • Unite a collective voice to lobby our governments to help us make a change.
  • Supporting education programs for young adolescents and parents. 
  • We want chill-out tents to be available at ALL festivals to go to cool down or just to be a safe haven for if things do go wrong.